Group Coaching
for schools

Building highly effective teams

Have you invested in developing your teams to perform at their best? Group coaching offers an affordable shared professional learning experience for a group of leaders with a common development need. Schools may ask us to work with their department chairs, team leaders or leadership teams.

Group coaching can improve both individual and team effectiveness. Individuals develop their skills and confidence and get to know their colleagues at a much deeper level. Everyone starts to share a common language around leadership. Teams become stronger and more open…all without needing to pull key people out of your school.

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Group Coaching can be launched at any time of the year.

A typical group coaching program:

  • Involves 4 sessions over 4 months for a group of 4-6.
  • Sessions are scheduled at a time that suits you using Zoom.
  • Coaching sessions are supplemented by online learning pre-work. All participants receive leadership resource materials.

Learning is social, hear more about how our pods (group coaching) supports learning leadership skills with peers

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