Flexible professional development for schools

Do you want to ‘choose your own adventure’? Maybe you are looking for one-to-one coaching that can support you with specific aspects of leadership. Maybe you want to offer a group coaching program or workshop series to your team and let them select learning modules. You can access flexible programs for 1 or 100 people. And it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3…

Point 1

Identify the key leadership mindset(s) from our curriculum that you want to focus on. We can help you with this. You only need to choose the focus for your first session – your coach can help you select other priorities later.

Hover over the curriculum below to unpack our mindset modules.

Point 2

You can access each leadership mindset module in three different ways. Decide whether you want your program to be delivered as one-to-one coaching, group coaching or a workshop series … or a mix of these. 

One-to-one coaching with online learning

US$250 per
60 mins session
US$160 per
30 mins session

Group coaching with online learning

US$1,300 for
2*90 mins sessions for up to 6 people

Half day leadership workshop

US$1,800 + expenses for up to 25 people

One-to-one and group coaching programs are delivered virtually via zoom for maximum flexibility.
Contact our team for pricing in Euros, GBP, Chinese Yuan, Singapore dollars, Australian dollars or Indian rupees.

Point 3

Ask us to launch your program! Typically, flexible programs can get underway immediately.

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