One to One Coaching

Today's issue could be tomorrow's coaching conversation

The best of the best have coaches, so should you!

Being a school leader can be a very lonely and isolating role with high expectations from different stakeholders... 
Imagine having someone to talk to about your frustration, fears, concerns, and sensitive and difficult issues. 
...And that person is outside your school system eliminating gossip or performance concerns. 
...And they can use these real moments in your life and career to make you a better leader.
...And you don’t have to leave your office to access support.

A typical coaching program lasts several months, is focused on specific themes, and involve a series of virtual coaching sessions. Online learning helps you get the most from every conversation with your coach, offering you leading-edge tools and insights, leadership resource materials and reflection exercises. Sessions are booked at times that suit you.

BTS coaches are available in 37 countries across Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, Australasia and Africa. Coaching is available in 34 languages including English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, French-Canadian, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Flemish, Polish, Catalan, Turkish, Hebrew, Japanese, Thai, Cantonese, Tagalog, Korean, Mongolian and Vietnamese.

Download our coaching brochure or click on the programs below to check out some of the coaching journeys available to you. (These program brochures show pricing in US$. Contact our team for pricing in Euros, GBP, Chinese Yuan, Singapore dollars, Australian dollars or Indian rupees.)

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The most effective professional development I have ever had. Working with a high quality coach was extremely challenging… and extremely rewarding

The coaching gave me the confidence and courage to challenge and change the way we do things here

This was very, very good professionally. I challenge you not to see it as extremely powerful and empowering

The coaching has had a deep and long-lasting impact on my personal wellbeing

My coach helps me to analyze situations, break down problems and find pragmatic solutions. After each session I feel inspired and ready for action

I gained insight into myself as a leader and a better understanding of the people I work with

It’s rare for a remote principal to get such relevant support when working in such professional and geographical isolation

I have been challenged to make the necessary steps to enable positive change and be bolder when necessary

Staff morale is now on the rise and a sense of ‘teamness’ is evident

My leadership has improved as I have learned the skills and strategies for dealing with more challenging staff and built more positive relationships.

I now view my role differently and see it more as developing staff rather than telling them what needs doing

I have learned valuable strategies to keep me at my best for my students and I have become a better, less stressed work colleague