Student Leadership

Developing student leadership skills

We believe that all students need personal leadership and resilience skills to set them up for success in the future. Many schools are implementing programs to address this, as the OECD Future of Education and Skills 2030 project attempts to define the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values students need to thrive.


Personal leadership mindsets

Young people need to start by building awareness of themselves – self leadership comes before leading others. They need to get clear on the core values that motivate and drive them – what really matters. They will thrive if they embrace a growth mindset and avoid seeing their situation as hopeless. They may need support to build their confidence and some resilience strategies to cope with setbacks and stresses.

Young People’s Spark Program

Our Young People’s Spark Program offers a structured way for your students to build their personal leadership skills over a period of months. Targeted for high school students, the program comprises a series of twelve 1-hour lessons that can be delivered flexibly in schools by your teachers. We provide training, detailed lesson guides, student workbooks and videos. 

Hear one student reflect on her new insights on personal leadership

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The program comprises three modules: Finding my Spark, Fueling my Spark and Sharing my Spark. We are grateful to the Jack Petchey Foundation for sponsoring the development of this program.