Team Effectiveness
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High performing teams get things done!

Great teams are united by a shared purpose, team members communicate and collaborate well together, and every individual is able to contribute and thrive. But this doesn’t just happen. In our experience, teams move through four stages of maturity. Where is your team at right now?

Team mindsets

Everyone needs to take responsibility for team effectiveness. We have identified four team mindsets that make the difference…

Team Connection concerns the depth of relationships between team members - trust, empathy, connecting, collaborating, seeking multiple perspectives and working through conflict.

Team Purpose is underpinned by shared intention and an action orientation. Team members are inspired and have shared ownership of their agenda. They have a clear vision for change.

Team Truth involves creating safety within the team to be honest, having the courage to say the unspoken, supporting each other when needed and empowering each other to keep growing.

Team Wisdom is about gathering collective wisdom, being insightful, creative and decisive. The team is continually seeking to learn and innovate, and is mature enough to handle different perspectives.

Moving from ‘me’ to ‘we’

You may be keen to set up your school leadership team for success or you may want to invest in a department team or project team. Our Team Effectiveness programs bring all members of your team together and support you to build a ‘we’ culture.

It's important that everyone’s voice is heard at the outset. This is achieved through a Team Effectiveness Assessment tool which then helps to diagnose what stage of development your team is currently at. An expert team coach will then advise you on the best way forward for your team, and lead your team through one or more workshops to build your team's effectiveness for the long term.

Hear how our coaches help your team build critical team mindsets

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