Resilience and
wellbeing in schools

Supporting resilience and wellbeing of school staff

Everyone knows that resilience and wellbeing are important. You probably emphasise this to your students already. Yet it can be stressful working in schools. The Phil Riley Principal Wellbeing report has shown a ‘very large’ difference between the levels of burnout and stress amongst school leaders compared to the general population. Teacher burnout is also a concern. So how can we, as educators, nurture our own personal resilience and wellbeing?

- Phil Riley et al (2020) The Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey, Institute for Positive Psychology and Education

Mindsets for resilience and wellbeing

It’s not realistic to avoid stresses but you can learn how to manage your state and respond more positively. You can be mindful in choosing your response, be agile and adaptable in responding to change and know how to make changes in your life to improve your own wellbeing and satisfaction. Being clear on your own core values can also bring a renewed sense of purpose to your work.

Build your Resilience and Wellbeing

Enrolling in a BTS Spark program gives you a rare opportunity to focus on yourself. Understand how you respond under pressure and how your self-talk impacts your effectiveness. Explore the Mindtraps© that hold you back and learn a coaching process to help you unhook yourself from your Mindtraps and find a more balanced perspective.

Reflect on your ideal balance, learn how to change habits, and explore how to bring more of your core values back into your everyday work – so you can motivate yourself and inspire others.

Hear how to support the development of resilience and wellness with school leaders

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