Training Mentors
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Effective mentoring requires effective mentor training

Mentoring support can provide a lifeline to those new in role. For example, according to a US Department of Education study, mentoring of newly qualified teachers resulted in a 30% increase in teacher retention and up to 5 months’ learning gains by students. School systems are often keen to harness the expertise of high performers, and deploy them as mentors for early career teachers, new principals and subject specialists.

Yet many mentoring schemes can be hit or miss. The mentor role may be relatively unstructured and high performers don’t always know how best to share their expertise with others. This is where mentor training can make all the difference.

Mindsets for effective mentoring

Mentors need fundamental coaching skills – the ability to build rapport and trust, to listen effectively and to ask powerful questions. They need to be able to adapt their approach for different mentees and for different conversations.

But there is also a difference between mentoring and coaching. Mentors have knowledge and experience to share. Learning how and when to do this – and how to share their experience in a compelling way - is a critical skill for mentors to embrace.

Develop your skills as a mentor

There are some simple ways to set up the mentoring relationship for success. Enrol in a Mindful Mentoring program and learn how to build a trusting relationship, where your mentee feels comfortable to open up about their experiences, be vulnerable and know they will be supported. Explore when to listen and when to share your expertise… and practice your skills in both. The Mindful Mentoring program will teach you a practical framework to assess your mentees’ needs and adjust your mentoring to meet their changing needs.

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We also offer pathways for mentors and coaches to get formal coaching accreditation, as a Coaching Fellow or an Advanced Coaching Fellow. Reach out to our team so we can discuss what is right for you and your setting.

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