Feedback Skills
for School Leaders

Improving feedback

Feedback cultures in schools make a difference – John Hattie has shown that feedback has a major ‘effect size’ on student achievement. Teachers need feedback too to continually improve their practice… yet so many school leaders don’t feel confident in holding feedback conversations. They either avoid being direct and ‘pussyfoot’. Or they end up over-compensating by ‘clobbering’ the other person.

Mindsets for effective feedback

Many people have attended training days in feedback skills but still shy away from giving feedback. This is because to give effective feedback, you need to change your mindset. When you start to view feedback as a gift that helps you grow your practice, then you will naturally invite feedback from others and give feedback to others.

Giving feedback and holding difficult conversations can take confidence and courage. What can help here is knowing how to set up the right dynamic when delivering a difficult message, so that the other person need not feel judged.

Strengthen your feedback skills

Become more confident and skilled in holding everyday feedback conversations with colleagues by enrolling in a Feedback Program. Explore the traps that hold you back from giving effective feedback with support from a coach. Learn two practical frameworks for feedback conversations and get plenty of opportunities to apply these new approaches to real feedback conversations that you need to hold with colleagues.

Hear how leadership coaching helped one principal slow things down, open space for new learning and become more confident in giving feedback.

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We offer feedback programs via one-to-one coaching, group coaching or professional development days. Additional modules provide more support for you to sustain changes in your practice.

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