Team Effectiveness

High performing teams get things done!

Great teams are united by a shared purpose. Team members communicate and collaborate well together, and every individual is able to contribute and thrive. But this doesn’t just happen. In our experience, teams move through four stages of maturity.

Where is your team at right now?

As they develop, teams will expand their awareness from a focus on the Alliance which provides the foundations of team working, to their Functioning as an effective team, and then to their Performance and the extent to which they are achieving the outcomes that the school or organisation needs. The fourth level of maturity describes a team that assists the wider organisation, or even the wider system beyond a single organisation, to transform itself. This developing maturity happens across each of four core leadership domains.

Team leadership domains

Everyone needs to take responsibility for team effectiveness. We have identified four team leadership domains that make the difference …

Team Connection concerns the depth of relationships between team members – trust, empathy, connecting, collaborating, seeking multiple perspectives, and working through conflict.

Team Purpose is underpinned by shared intention and an action orientation. Team members are inspired and have shared ownership of their agenda and a clear vision for change.

Team Truth involves creating safety within the team. Allowing team members to be honest, have the courage to say the unspoken, support each other when needed, and empower one another to keep growing.

Team Wisdom is about gathering collective wisdom, and being insightful, creative and decisive. The team is continually seeking to learn and innovate, and is mature enough to handle different perspectives.

Moving from ‘me’ to ‘we’

You may be keen to set up your school, trust or organisation's leadership team for success or you may be looking to invest in a department or project team. Our Team Effectiveness programmes bring all members of your team together and support you to strengthen ways of working and enhance your collective impact.

It's important that everyone’s voice is heard at the outset. This is achieved through a Team Effectiveness Assessment tool, which then helps to diagnose what stage of development your team is currently at across each of the four domains, and where particular strengths and development needs exist. An expert team coach will then advise you on the best way forward for your team, and lead them through one or more workshops and / or group coaching sessions to build long-term effectiveness.

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Team Effectiveness 

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