Leading change

Leading Change

In schools, and most organisations today, change is a constant, yet many of us still see change as something to get through, to manage and control. Normalising the experience of change leadership and understanding how to create the conditions for others to succeed in the context of change and continual improvement is an important leadership capability.

As a change leader you will need to know how to awaken possibility and unlock the energy and commitment of your different stakeholder groups; how to set the right course and navigate the challenges along the way; how to shift attitudes and build the right culture to support your ambitions; and how to ensure you have the processes in place to sustain the change for the long-term.

Mindsets for leading change

To lead change successfully, you need to be agile in many different areas of leadership – challenging the way things are done, imagining new possibilities, and inspiring others with a clear vision. Yet you also need to stay open to others’ input, and be flexible with the pathway to change. Inevitably there will be setbacks and challenges along the way, and your ability to engage the sceptics will be critical.

Develop change leadership skills

Needing a structured approach to leading change in your school or organisation? Enrol in a Leading Change programme, and begin by reflecting on your natural change leadership style. Work with a coach to get clear on the changes you want to bring about, and practise how to communicate your vision in a way that inspires others.

Learn how to judge the pace of change, how to influence key stakeholders and bring them on board. And identify the key levers that will release the collective energy needed for change and the core processes that will help you to focus that energy to drive forward your change or improvement agenda.

Leading Change 

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If you are seeking coaching support to embed a change programme, we recommend our Leading Change Programme.