Feedback Skills
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Improving feedback

Feedback cultures in organisations have been shown to make a real difference – fostering professional development and learning, boosting staff engagement and improving retention.

In schools, while it is well established that feedback has a major ‘effect size’ on student achievement, many school leaders don't feel confident in holding feedback conversations to help their teachers to improve their practice. They will often avoid being direct and are therefore too tentative, or they end up over-compensating by being too harsh and 'clobbering' the other person!

Mindsets for effective feedback

Many people have attended training days about feedback skills, but still shy away from giving feedback. This is because giving effective feedback requires a mindset change. When you start to genuinely view feedback as a gift that helps you grow your practice, then you will naturally invite feedback from others, and give feedback to others in return.

Giving feedback and holding difficult conversations can take confidence and courage. What can help here is knowing how to set up the right dynamic when delivering a difficult message, so the other person does not feel judged.

Strengthening your feedback skills

Become more confident and skilled in holding everyday feedback conversations with colleagues by enrolling in our Feedback Programme. With the support of a professional coach you will explore the traps that hold you back from giving effective feedback. You'll also learn two practical frameworks for feedback conversations, and practise applying these to the real feedback conversations you need to hold with colleagues.

Hear how one headteacher became more confident giving feedback

 Improving Feedback

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We offer feedback programmes via one-to-one coaching, group coaching or workshop/twilight sessions. Adding on a Difficult Conversations extension provides additional support to help people to sustain changes in their practice.