Engaging parents

Building partnership with parents

Schools know intuitively that parental engagement makes sense, and the research supports this. The Education Endowment Foundation has shown, for example, that engaging parents in the learning of their children can improve students’ learning by an average of three months*. Yet many teachers and school leaders find dealing with parents one of the most stressful parts of their role.

*Education Endowment Foundation, (2019). Evidence for Learning, Teaching & Learning Toolkit: Parental Engagement

Mindsets for great parental engagement

In our experience, there can sometimes be a clash of cultures between the school and its local parent community – even though everyone wants the best for the children. To shift this dynamic, teachers need to be skilled at understanding parents’ perspectives and listening to their concerns while still being able to deliver difficult messages if needed.

Build your skills for parental engagement

Our Engaging Parents programmes will not advise you on specific initiatives you can take – you know your parent community best and what will work. Instead, our programmes will give you the skills and confidence to partner with parents. You will learn practical strategies for communicating with parents and how to improve your conversations – and gain new insights into how to shift difficult relationship dynamics and feel better able to deal with challenging situations.

Hear how the See Hear Speak model can help you engage parents

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You can access our Engaging Parents programmes in three formats – as a one-day workshop, a group coaching programme or a one-to-one coaching journey.