Our Team

We are deeply proud of our team

We share a passion for helping every school leader to feel confident, capable and well supported in their vital work educating young people. We hold to the highest quality standards and invest heavily in the ongoing professional growth of our coach community.

We believe in the accreditation of coaching as a profession. Just as all schools require teachers to be qualified, we require all our coaches to hold professional coaching qualifications and have a minimum of five years of professional experience as leadership coaches before they join us.

The breadth of our curriculum and the quality of our professional development means that we are an employer of choice for coaches globally.

Our global coach community includes over 300 coaches representing 37 countries across Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, Australasia and Africa. We can offer coaching to school leaders in 34 world languages.

Rosie Connor, Global Director


Rosie brings 20 years’ experience in educational leadership, supporting school systems, universities and professional associations across four continents. As Chief Executive of one of Tony Blair’s Education Action Zone’s in the UK, her leadership in turning around 19 failing schools was described by independent inspectors as ‘outstanding’– the Zone was nominated as a national flagship. She consulted with the UK’s National College for School Leadership and the Innovation Unit, supporting schools to form successful professional learning communities. She then worked with the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership to lead the launch of the Professional Standard for school principals.Rosie founded BTS Spark and has designed and launched hundreds of leadership development programs for school leaders in the UK, Australia, US, Canada and Singapore. She collaborates with the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) on future-ready school leadership, and is authoring a concept paper on educational leadership for OECD2030 and a book on Messy Leadership. She was recently named by The Educator (Australia) as a Most Influential Educator.

Meet a few more members of our global BTS Spark team below ...

Alyssa Gallagher

Alyssa Gallagher Co-head, BTS Spark America

Sean Slade

Sean SladeCo-head, BTS Spark America


Maree Najem Director, BTS Spark Australia

Denise Barrows_web

Denise Barrows Director, BTS Spark UK


Cathy Wilson Senior Program Manager (Australia)

Ebony Smith headshot

Ebony Smith Program Manager (North America)

Ross Zelow

Ross Zelow Partner, QLD Australia

Gail Smith

Gail Smith Partner, NT Australia

Tara O'Brien

Tara O'Brien Partner, US


Victoria Rodrigue Partner, US

Katie Kinnaman

Katie Kinnaman Partner, US

Kerry Lord

Kerry Lord Partner, Northern England

Sunita Chhibar

Sunita Chhibar Coach & Facilitator (India)

Michelle Dong

Michelle Dong Coach & Facilitator (China)

Reina Torres

Reina Torres Coach & Facilitator (Colombia)


Jenny Hoysted Coach & Facilitator (Australia)

Teng Teng Heng

Teng Teng Heng Coach & Facilitator (Singapore)

Isabelle Moreau

Isabelle Moreau Coach & Facilitator (Canada)

Chris Jackson headshot

Chris Jackson Coach & Facilitator (UK)

Nidhi Reddy

Nidhi Reddy Coach & Facilitator (India)

Stefanie Zeep Headshot

Stefanie Zeep Coach & Facilitator (Germany)

Cindy Rogan 2022 Headshot

Cindy Rogan Coach (US)

Alison Tan

Alison Tan Coach (China)


Harley Conyer Coach & Facilitator (Australia)

Anita Genes 2022 Headshot

Anita Genes Coach (US)

Carla Gaya Headshot

Carla Gaya Coach & Facilitator (Mexico)

Katarina Callaghan Headshot

Katarina Callaghan Coach & Facilitator (Sweden)

Nelly Darmali Headshot

Nelly Darmali Coach & Facilitator (Singapore)

Shobha Naidu

Shobha Naidu Coach & Facilitator (India)


Louise Norris Coach & Facilitator (UK)

Daisy Tse Headshot

Daisy Tse Coach (US)

Camilla Cesari Head Shot

Camilla Cesari Coach & Facilitator (Italy)